Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My daddy is crazy..

Selamat Hari Raya to all the Malays..
say yay to holidays... 3 days.. yoooooohoo.. poor howe, no holiday in UK..

so today is holiday.. suppose to stay at home, waiting for daddy to come back and bring us go kai kai.. tapi, been waiting for the whole day daddy not coming back yet.. even after dinner (bah kut teh again.. scary.. i want to move away from the town of bah kut teh d.. grrrr..) my daddy not back yet.. 我等到花儿也谢了 (jacky cheung song)..

phone rings, it was daddy..

Me : Hello..
Him : Yen ar.. mommy ler??
Me : When out d.. makan ice kacang wif ur sis..
Him : O... When u start class??
Me : Monday.
Him : O.. wan to go Krabi Island?
Me : Har??
Him : Krabi Island.. tomolo straight buy ticket n fly off from LCCT..
Me : Har?? can meh??
Him : Can can.. tomolo morning go buy then fly.. u all go pack some simple cloths la..
Sis : Need 3 days in advance for ticket la..
Him : Can one.. Or u all go check from the web or call..
Me : Very expensive ler.. go overseas.. y not stay in Malaysia??
Him & sis: In M'sia oso expensive ma..
Me : O.. then i go Jusco check la.. Jusco got airasia.. call u back later..
Him : Ok..

after check the price, fly to Krabi 2 ways need around RM900++..
for your information, you can get air ticket anytime as long as is before the flight in air asia..

call daddy time..

Him : Hello..
Me : Hello.. check d.. go tomolo fly back on sat.. Around RM900++ per person..
Him : Har, so expensive one meh.. normally oni RM300 to RM400 ++ oni ma..
Me : Tat one is promotion ma.. and book early.. now v r last minute buy ticket le..
Him : Also not so expensive one ma..
Me : Then don go lo.. go other place la.. how bout Hapchai?
Him : Dowan la.. there got nothing one.. or go singapore??
Me : Can oso..
Him : Wa, so expensive the air ticket..
Me : Last min ma.. (keep on n on bout the promotion..)
Him : K la.. then i think of other plan la..
Me : Ok, bye..

in the end my last minute Krabi Island trip gone.. haha.. damn shit you air asia..
lucky check with air asia.. or else tomorrow go LCCT only know the price is so 'la lei' then cancel the trip, waste the petrol pulak..

so, where will yen go tomorrow?? stay tune.. ^^

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