Monday, October 13, 2008

no WI-FI...

router kena thunder strike... DAMN IT..

no internet means ::
  • no more BBT at midnite..
  • no more msn chit chat wif suet suet and other dear??
  • no more kennysia, xiaxue, timothytiah, yetanotherhowe..
  • no more blog blog..
  • no more naked muscle guy.. (this is really bad..)
  • no more free novel.. how to pass my midnite while waiting for BBT?
  • no more ....................

OMG... how to survive?? i want to kill my brother... now he has the only PC that able to connect to internet.. mean he can game at midnight while i laying on bed, looking at the ceiling and counting sheep... omg.. i dont want that.. this is so cruel...

i want a wireless router..

dear santa,

i promise i will be a good girl till the end of this year.. please send me a high tech FREE router.. i will leave my socks in front of my house gate.. i really cant survive without BBT.. they are part of my life.. i will very miss xiao lu.. please..

2 more months to Christmas..

Damn it..

will upload all my wedding post and lung's house post after i got my WI-FI at home.. yucks..


p/s :: i found the warranty card for my hp.. was in my car.. haha..

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