Tuesday, October 21, 2008

we are twins...

if to ask whether me and my sister really look alike?? out of 100%, 99% will said yes and the remaining 1% who said no is my family members..

example for the 99% ::

  • sutha told me before that one day he saw my sister in college, he thought that was me.. =.="
  • if there is family/wedding dinner, some of the uncle aunty will ask my mom whether we are twins anot.. do i really look that old??
  • friends, teachers, lecturers, strangers who know one of us will ask the other "are you yong/yen sister?"

do we really look like twins??

from my perspective, we are really different.. in terms of look..

  • her forehead is wider than mine.. u wont see it.. cover by her frindge..
  • she has natural double eye lid.. beautiful one.. I DON HAVE.. mine is sticker one..
  • she used to had monster teeth.. now gone d..
  • she is taller and thinner than me.. (twins supposed to have same height and weight, i guess)

but sometimes i do suspect about this.. bout the twins.. cause me and my sister got a bit telepathy.. for example :

the song that she was playing in her mind, suddenly i will sing it.. vice versa..

another example..

just happened.. my house got 2 baskin robbin staying in the fridge for almost a year.. no one touch it.. last sunday while i was having my dinner at the living room, my sister walked into the living room, holding one of the baskin and said: "(fiercely) see, inside fridge still got ice cream.".. OMG, I WAS PLAN TO EAT IT AFTER MY DINNER.. i didnt tell her that i going to eat ice-cream after dinner, somehow she just got my mind message that we have ice-cream and i'm going to finish.. somemore the one she took not the one that i plan to eat.. no fight for ice-cream.. win-win situation.. so gam right??

so after this incident, me and my sister suspect that actually WE ARE TWINS.. just that i (the sperm) was stuck in my mom's ovary and my sister (the sperm) swims faster than me, she get to born first.. she is the jie jie.. 2 years later, finally i got released and get to the ovum.. i become the mei mei.. possible right??

we are suppose to be twins.. no wonder i look so old..

so happy.. finally the myth is uncovered..

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