Saturday, October 25, 2008

all englsh song ktv..

in neway with my brother and his friends now.. first time i join his friends.. normally he wont bring me along.. quite suprise let me follow him this time.. guess he really need a back up singer for him.. hehe..

todays my break record of life.. i sing the most english song in ktv.. most of my brother friends are banana, include my brother.. this is reason why i'm here.. he got no one to sing chinese song with as everyone is banana.. see, i'm such a good sister..

banana very kolian.. most of the song they choose is either no lyrics or not thw original mtv.. they are so depress when no mtv, said no feel.. haha.. so cham.. once got mtv, they will become very excited.. so funny when look at these banana..

anyway, is a exciting experience.. ktv with my brother and banana..

my brother sing really bad.. i think is family gene.. my sister and mom not really sing well.. now my bro is in the list also.. lol..

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