Monday, October 6, 2008

September = Wedding month (Part I)

last month, september was a busy month for me with weddings..

2 cousin sisters were married..

two cousins sister marry = 4 dinner + 2 ji mui day.. but i skipped one dinner..^^
dinner + ji mui day = lots of photos
lots of photos = lots of leng chai and leng lui

so i start with the one who marry first la.. the eldest cousin from my mama side..
everyone was looking forward for this wedding.. because since last year my aunt already told us about it.. i get my wedding dinner dress since February during CNY.. you can imagine how long i had been prepared for this..

Date : 06 September 2008
Venue : Restaurant Overseas in PJ

the bridegroom and bride.. lovely..

my cousin had put alot of effort in this wedding dinner.. but i have to complain this.. Restaurant Overseas in PJ sucks.. their management, stereo system, tv system, the IT person, the wedding sit plan all sucks.. they had promise alot to my cousin but none of this is done perfectly.. everything was ruined by them and everyone one was complained about it.. my aunt told me that my cousin cried after the dinner. poor thing, been looking for this for so long.. once in a lifetime ler.. so now i'm warning everyone, do not have your wedding dinner in Restaurant Overseas PJ.. they break their promise and also the couple's dream..

so here is some pictures that i took that day.. enjoy..

start with 2 heads photos first..

that's my bro.. he dont like to take pic.. haiz.. but i still will have my ways to show his face.. stay tune..

me and my sister.. i know i know.. we look like twins.. everyone saying that.. i have no idea what happen to their eyes.. obviously i'm prettier than her.. how can we look like twins??

ling, my cousin and also the bride's sister.. still available.. if you are short, step away from this girl.. she is tall, very tall, super tall, extremely tall..

steve, the bride's brother.. working in Singapore Deloitte..
current availability :: not clear.. sorry~

my new born cousin.. very cute right.. saw his bear bear? is part of his shirt.. lol..

and here is the couple and me..

erm.. is our 'dai ka jie' (big sis) wedding dinner ler.... of course we have to do something else other than sit, eat and yam sheng.. in chinese tradition, karaoke for wedding dinner is a must.. this is the moment for aunty uncle with good voice (sometimes bad also) to stand up and participate in the karaoke session.. but somehow the song that they sing mostly is not related to the night.. haiz.. why cant the aunty uncle choose some more romantic song rather than those sad sad song that sing for people's breakup?? pity the couple and also the guest.. after my 3 wedding dinner, the hitz song for wedding dinner night is 'the song of a hokkien drama of the spirit of love, 意难忘'.. hahaha.. have my own billboard also ler.. cun ler..

lol.. everyone was looking at the monitor.. no one memorize the lyrics.. is kind of a last minute thing..
we were singing 'Backstreetboys - As Long As You Love Me'
most of them is 'banana'.. chosen this english song from limited choices..
but still very sweet right??

followed by me and steve.. we were singing 'JJ Lin Jun Jie - i forgot the song'=.="" ..
steve is a banana also.. but he has his own 'han yu pin yin' lyric.. hehe..

family photos now..

the bride's family.. mean my aunty's family..

and my family.. so, i got daddy genes more or mommy more??
see my brother?? haha.. he cannot run away from family photo.. kakakaka.. ^^

and this is all my cousin.. big big family.. is mommy side one.. spotted any leng lui or cai?

ok, to end the dinner part, let me show you how tall is my younger-than-me-2-years-old-cousin-sister is..

i even ask her to bend down abit.. haiz.. just too short..

the end

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