Thursday, October 23, 2008

Drive SAFE...

happened in Kesas Highway, at the junction to turn into Subang USJ..

initially when i saw this i was quite excited.. quickly grab my handphone and take a picture of it.. thought of send the picture to 'THE STAR' and get the RM50..

wan yong was asking where is the driver and in my mind i thought the lorry driver was already sent to hospital as there is not much people surrounding the lorry.. then as the car move further, i saw the lorry driver.. OMG.. i'm frightened.. there was two of them, one was sitting on the road (i guess he hurt his leg) and another one was bleeding at his head and looked suffer.. immediately i close my eye and turn my head to the other side..

as i'm closing my eye, i shouted to lung and wan yong :

"please, you all please drive carefully and safely.."

this accident remind me of wai lung, my cousin boyfriend who died in an accident 2 years ago.. i dont want this happen anymore.. i dont want to attend any of my friend's funeral.. especially if he/she die in accident.. you can avoid it.. please guys, drive slow and steady.. the memory of how my cousin took the lost of wai lung still playing clearly in my mind.. it's difficult for the family and love's one.. i dont want to experience this anymore.. once in a life time is enough..

again guys, i have to say this.. safety first.. please drive slow and steady, no cutting dangerously, no tailing (i mean follow car near near near near), no trying your car max speed on the highway, no drift (you are not jay chou and we are not in tokyo).. please be tolerate with malaysia's traffic.. just take it easy.. listen to the radio, relax and wear your sit belt.. peace.. ^^

p/s :: i love you guys..

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