Wednesday, October 8, 2008

it's fine..

forgot to update bout my phone yesterday..

my phone is ok d.. able to send message and log in any web page d.. so touching *crying*.. everything is finally finr.. my life really easier and smoother.. hehe..

actually have to thank lung.. he is the one who fixed it.. the moment he fixed iti really want to hold his hand and dance, turnaround, jump with him.. haha.. anyway, i still go on with my plan which is went to bintang walk, kl..

when there, get my phone done.. installed the GPS and dictionary.. and the people there are really nice by installed some other thing into the phone.. now i can do account from my phone.. can you imagine it? so cun..

and, i also tattoo my phone.. yey.... when to mid valley last two weekto get it done but fail cause the touch screen is not so sensitive.. too bad.. but now i'm glad.. lucky dint get it done in mid valley, it's more expensive compare to sungei wang by RM20.. i'm happy.. haha..

and bout my warranty card.. the fellow dint ask from me.. seem like my dad is their regular customer.. no wonder my dad asked me to relax stay cool when i told im i lost the card.. cool daddy.. hehe..

anyway, yesterday was a happy day.. everything is perfect.. i will try to love my phone more each day.. i promise.. it's giving me warning.. *treat me better*.. hehe..

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