Monday, October 13, 2008

the olden day :: CAT..

in lung's house.. suppose to be studying right now but getting a little bit tired so... here i am.. in front of a pc, doing a 'walk-through' audit of lung's pc to check whether there is any hidden yellow thingy.. haiz.. i can only say that i'm kind of disappointed.. why am i?? is either because of he has tonnes of yellow things or he is what i thought he is.. gay.. hahaha.. so i guess you just have to do the assumption by yourself.. i cant just share it out openly.. it's his privacy and he got his own image and reputation to take care of.. but, you may ask me if you really super duper curious and kepo want to know the truth.. haha... but keep it as a secret between us.. shhhh...

so, as i going through all the picture one by one, i saw something.. OMG, i'm so suprise.. it look so different now, totally damn different.. i cant even recognise it.. it's me during CAT time.. long time din look at it already as my pc being reformat before and all my old old (secondary + CAT + penang-langkawi trip) picture gone sekaligus.. nice har..

now let me present to u the one that i cant even recognise myself...

IT'S NOT ME.. DEFINITELY NOT.. omg.. i look so different.. with the sexy hair, perfect jawlines.. this is so not me.. right? now i'm short hair with big fat jawline.. so bad.. life is getting tough.. fight with the time to maintain our beauty young skin..
everyone look different now.. of course but except min ee, she still look the same.. how can she does that??

this is so not me.. weird hah..

i miss my long hair.. =(

so, here is more picture of me during CAT.. oh god, i very miss it.. i look so young and energetic.. now i'm old and lost my sense of style.. yucks..

it's me.. wearing the long time no see spec and holding my ex piggy.. yes, i used to bring ex piggy pillow to class.. ridiculous right?? haha..

this one is kind of ugly.. but i want the hair back.. GIVE ME THE HAIR..

i miss the shirt.. one of my favourite but the colour gone off.. damn it..
if not mistaken, i start to work already in this pic.. still look young.. hehe..

hello, jie mei men.. everyone look so different now.. even mindy getting more lady.. unbelieveable har..

found this.. howe's birthday present..
howe, do u bring it to UK?? or frame it??

hi, we are the CAT group3.. i miss the group..

see!!!!! i really look different.. i want my long hair back..

i not only look different.. i'm also use to be a chidish pose camwhore freak.. let's see..

childish pose 1 -

oh.. i can do all kind of childish pose during CAT.. peace..

childish pose 2 -

oh, i just let anyone manipulate me.. too kind..
i know you it is you, wan yong..

childish pose 3 -

what the hell am i thinking?? camwhore in front of lecturer and did this kind of stupid post??
do you see a similarity in this 3 photos??

i did the 'Y' (2 fingers up, 3 fingers down) hand for all my childish pose.. =.="

ohhhh, i miss cat..

-alex with coke and non stop phone calls..
-howe with thick lips and gold fish eyes..
-kai shian and wui li always sit at the first row and block others..
-wan yong always the loudest in class and being bully by Mr. Tan..
-lung always the gay partner that the guy fighting for.. (is he really that attractive?)
-xuan and the gang always late for class..
-mindy and suet yi always busy with the 'dai lou sai lou' thing.. and mindy always the 'sai' one..
-wey always with her roxy bag sitting still on table..
-lily always the smart one..
-pui zhen and ee ling always the high class barbie in class..
-kah ming gang always the one who ask Mr. Tan and Miss Shanta question..

there are countless and priceless memory.. did i mention i really miss CAT?? haha.. and my long hair..

~ the end ~

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