Friday, October 31, 2008

2nd wedding of the month

Today is the last day of October (Baskin Robbin got 31% discount, MOVE..) and now only I want to post the pending September wedding month post.. haha..

Another cousin sister wedding.. got 2 dinner and one ji mui day to post.. this post will be pictures post.. nothing much to write as it’s already one month ago.. lazy..

Let me present to you.........


my cousin look so pretty that day..


That day I missed the ‘play’ with bridegroom and heng tai session as I was stuck in the traffic jam.. so sad.. what’s the point to be ji mui as I missed the most excited part.. =(.. they really played the groom cham cham ler.. anyway, will straight jump to the bride had ‘married’ into the groom family..

The bride’s family.. jia xuan is sooo cute.. she is in between her daddy and mommy.. now you know where xuan xuan get her cute face har..

The sisters.. jia xuan posing like she's doing chinese kung fu..

That's me and my cousin.. we were the camera-boy-girl of the day..

here's some games to play with the heng tai..

  • force them eat a bread that full of wasabi..
  • tie a banana around the groom's waist and ask the heng tai bend down and eat.. tricky har..
  • prepare a lip gross/stick, apply on all the heng tai, KISS THE GROOM..
  • ask the groom to express his love to the bride..


My sis and the bride.. the two 'gu' (cow in hokkien)..

The a-ma in black is my sis ‘nai ma’ (babysitter) and my half nai ma.. she don’t really take care me for a long time.. and very gam she is also my cousin (black shirt guy) grandma.. ya.. so his a-ma is my nai ma..

Jia xuan again.. she’s really hard to control.. the first picture she got slightly smile, later on her lips getting more and more thicker.. moody har.. still cute.. love her..

The sisters and their daughter.. so are we look like our mom?? i shud as my grandma to join the picture..

The sisters’ family with the couple.. and grandma is there too.. I’m so happy, I’m hugging jia xuan.. ^^


I must give a bit comment about this restaurant.. they serve the best Chinese style wedding dinner food.. this restaurant is located damn near to my house.. RESTAURANT IMPERIAL..

Me personally really like this photo.. the couple were walking into the restaurant..

Again the couple.. this post is bout them sure got more photo of them.. hehe..

The session you will never miss during Chinese dinner.. KARAOKE.. lets sing..

To end this post, I present to you


~ the end ~

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