Tuesday, September 30, 2008

the story behind hersmilesandhidphotos.blogspot.com

hello my dear reader..

i'm the author and sometimes partime photographer of this blog.. yen..previously i had 3 blog.. this is the 4th one.. haha.. the other three is either deleted or hidden.. a lot of dark secret hidden in me.. shhh... hehe..

now talk bout this blog.. this blog is mainly about me with lots of photo.. the reason i set up this blog is because i like to take pictures, lotsa pictures but i got no where to show(other than friendster.. not sufficient for me..) and it's fighting for space in my hardisk.. now, you are lucky, got the chance to see my lovely, ugly, sweetly, funny photos in this blog and get to know my recent life too.. and sometimes if you really the god damn lucky you will spot some leng cai leng lui yet single from the photos.. this is why this blog add is 'hersmilesandhisphotos.blogspot.com'..

talked bout the blog address.. initially when i wanted to start this blog, i cant think of any nice name for it.. just simply not creative enough to come out with any cool, sweet name from my brain.. too bad.. (i guess the coolest and best name i can think of for my daughter is ah lian, son will be ah beng.. cool right?) so i asked some help from howe, suet and wey.. lots of crazy, funny and sweet name came out from them.. just simply throw words.. haha..

here is the list of the potential one ::
  • yen lai ni shen me dou bu xiang yao (a song title of A-Mei)
  • yen lai ru ci (=.=")
  • yen lai xiang
  • the japanese yen
  • malaysian yen
  • malaysian yen boleh (=.="")
  • the gallery of april (april got nothing to do with this blog, only relate to my mail)
  • yen's life
  • book of yen
  • eyes of yen
  • through the eyes of yen
  • tteoy [through the eyes of yen] (chun man, got mr. teo name in the middle)
  • everyday's a sunday (just came out because that day is sunday)
  • everymonth is april
  • everything bout yen
  • 燕。藏珍阁
  • yen's museum (i dont think i old enough to has a museum)
  • yen's believe it or not
  • my life based on a true story
  • yen's territory
  • remind me of you
  • memories of yen
then they started to get more crazy by making the Y-E-N stand for something ::
  • you energetic nugget (everyone is asking why nugget??)
  • yes eternal nite
  • yor eiyer nah (i like this.. it's cool)
  • yen's ever never
  • yen extremely naive
  • yesterday eat nothing
  • your everlasting nightmare
  • your enchanted neverland
  • no egg yolk (YEN the other way round)
  • you eating nuggets (why must be nuggets?? 'n' don have any nicer words?)
= end of list =

so among all this i really like the 'yor eiyer nah'... haha.. but at last i chosen the smiles and photos cause this blog is mostly for photos.. in photos, sure there will be big mouth that open with white teeth (yellow for smoker, yucks) surround by the sexy lips..

so, if you are singles and looking for partners, take pictures with me.. i will post it up and introduce you to all my fellow friends..

lastly, enjoy the blog.. ^^

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