Friday, November 7, 2008

All because of stress…

I hate smoker.. really very super extremely hate.. it pollute the air and make me feel hard to breath when people smoke around me.. it’s awful.. yet, there is plenty of friend of my still smoke.. me full of curiosity go ask them the reason they become a smoker..

There are plenty of reason why people smoke.. it depends on situation.. here is the summary from my research..

Situation :: in secondary school’s toilet..
Reason :: stress.. everyone look cool while smoke.. cannot, I must follow trend.. smoke..

Situation :: I love you, but you don’t love me (especially guy)..
Reason :: everyday think why don’t she accept me?? I don’t good enough? What else I can do?? Stress .. smoke (good, blame on the girl)..

Situation :: exam coming soon..
Reason :: Keep on play online game, dint study.. end up feel guilty and stress.. smoke.. (what a lame excuse)

Situation :: social time..
Reason :: everyone around you smoke, non-smoker? Out of the circle.. stress, lose all the friends.. ok lah, be a social smoker, don’t ‘suck ‘ too hard can d.. smoke..

Situation :: running nose..
Reason :: initially start to smoke because of one of the reason above, later get addicted, end up dint smoke will get nose block.. my uncle always said ‘’it’s time to go get some fresh air, BREATH’’, mean he need go get some smoky air.. =.="

Conclusion :: stress make you become a smoker.. of course this does not apply to everyone.. haha..

Lately I heard a really special way to release stress… maybe you guys can take it as a reference.. invest your own way..^^.. a true story happen on my sis’s friends…

He’s studying in Australia.. stress… So one day he was studying, exam coming.. he was damn stress, scream around : "ARGHHHHHHHH… I cannot take it anymore.." go to his room, turn on his desktop with big wide monitor, watch porn with speaker turn on out loud.. after that all his housemate join him.. at the end of the incident, they stop the porn with a feeling of……… sien.. haha.. funny..

After all is a way to release stress.. I rather my hubby, boyfriend, son, any guy in my life lar, watch porn to release stress than smoke.. at least it’s not harmful to your health.. perhaps it’s healthy also and your partner is the one who get the advantage from it.. hahaha… abit dirty talk.. =)

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