Thursday, January 1, 2009

again a sad new year..

happy new year everyone..

as usual i had a unhappy new year eve, beginning of a new year..

i doubt this year i will have a happy year cause i drop my tears on the beginning of the year.. not the tears of happiness but is the bad one..

why is this always happen to me? why every year i dont get to celebrate my new year with happiness and always full with negative feeling? why this year i cant watch the firework at the perfect place i want i stuck in a place that full of trees and block the view of firework just bcoz of stupid justin? why every year i don get to meet the person/fren that i really wanted to meet? why every year i jus failed to meet them up and countdown with them? why every year is jus has to begin with tears and sad?

i just wish i will have a wonderful new year with all my beloved beside me and give me a new year hug.. is that reli difficult to make my wish come true?

anyway, another bad year of yen is begin.. ready to take the challenge and fight with it..

i started to hate new year.. gonna do a new year resolution soon.. hopefully.. chaoz..

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