Wednesday, January 21, 2009

i'm a lazy blogger..

finally i'm here to write a full post not emo post because i'm influenced by wan yong and min ee as they just started a new blog and remind me of i had been abandon my blog for quite sometimes.. haha.. just to tell all my dear friends, emo is gone.. everything is slowly back to normal but as what i put in my msn personal messages "being hurt deeply and badly, it's hard to be forget and forgive".. wound is slowly recovering and turning into a scar.. anyway, it's better than it wont recover and forever bleeding like my stupid sensitive skin leg right?? remember last time i got a serious skin disease at my leg and hand? it's back.. i hate it.. it's so itchy.. is anyone interested to see the disgusting leg?? haha..

erm.. what should i post ler?? read back all my post, i mention before that i will post bout ::

* tiring Christmas..
* 2009 New Year Resolution

(it's never too late to start a new year resolution right? or perhaps i can make it chinese new year resolution?)



last year (2008) i had a very exhausted christmas eve..

the day before christmas eve, 23 dec 2008, had a buffet dinner at Neway One Utama with suet, wey and mindy..

took this neway toilet.. we really like to take picture in toilet.. =.="

so after ktv, mindy and suet spent a night in my BU house.. that night was a disaster.. suet got time lag as everynight she will sleep after 5am and the night was still early for her, so i chit chat with her the whole night until 5++.. quite exhausted as the next day i got to work and woke up at 8.30am.. 3 hours sleep.. luckily i still managed to wake up that morning..

so the beginning of the day of christmas eve i'm carrying a panda eyes and tired body.. to make my condition worst, one of the restaurant manager came into my office and screaming SOS.. had to help his boss to wrap 10 small cutey christmas gift for the 'STAR' reporter..

you may thought it look simple and very easy to wrap.. NOOOO.. you are definitely wrong.. it tooks alot of brain work of creativity and 1.5 hours to make it look so cute and christmas feel.. so there's gone my half punya half energy of the day (do you understand what i mean?? haha..)..

plan of christmas eve is to go cheras pasar malam wif my sis, her bf, and bf's brother.. will meet them in cheras as my colleague stay there and she is willing to drop me there as after work we had to send flower to Mid Valley.. another task that consume alot of my energy.. Mid Valley after working hour hour is most happening and jam hour.. we cannot simply stop car just to send a stupid flower.. so we drive into the boulevard as the recipient is one of the restaurant in there and god damn lucky we cant find the restaurant.. so my colleague had to stop her car near the exit of boulevard, i had to run around just to look for the restaurant.. finally after asking around i found it buttttt... the restaurant is not open yet, still under construction.. what the hell.. okay la, to end this story quickly, i can tell you the problem was solved and involved alot of running around boring thing..

finally, i thought i can straight 'chan' to cheras to makan d.. manatau another tragedy happen.. =.=".. my colleague's car was making some weird sound.. and we somemore joking that is me too fat or the flower too heavy.. manatau later on my colleague realised her car temperature high.. had to stop the car by roadside and wait for car tow.. 'suei' enough right??

Garden is just opposite us.. later my sis came and meet me as i had no idea how long i will be stuck in there as that day was christmas eve, car tow maybe stuck in jam or in xmas mood become very clumsy.. she brought her xmas hat alot.. so is camwhore time.. haha..

me and my colleague.. so optimistic right?? car broke down still so happy..

lucky the car tow reached by 8.30.. we had stuck in around Mid Valley since 6pm until 8.30pm.. from sent flower until waited for car tow..

lucky i still managed to get to Cheras pasar malam with all the jam and ate damn lots of food.. after that when back home.. called friend to pick me up after 20 minutes.. quickly bath and planned to wrap my friend xmas present manatau after i bathed he was outside d.. =.=".. not i'm slow but he was early.. so, no time wrap it and just gave it.. haha.. so not sincere..

so i end my christmas eve around 2am and end my day with a physically and mentally weak body and mind..


chinese new year resolution

erm.. two days more.. let me lazy for 2 days la.. haha.. wiwwil

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