Saturday, January 24, 2009

suprise birthday party..

tonight there will be a surprise birthday party for a friend.. suddenly, some memory recalled me..

i had a surprise party once.. the day before my birthday, he came to my house secretly at night and sms me that he is outside my house.. i'm so happy, cause we had a bad valentines day that year as i failed to meet him that day.. soooo disappointed..

he took me to a cafe with a group of friends and slowly wait for 12am with a cake with one big eight small candle.. birthday song was sang, birthday wish had made, happiness was around, with all the cream on face and hair..

that's the first time.. the first time my mom never called me at night to ask where am i, what time i will be back.. because he is with me.. first time i can reach home after 12, 1 or 2.. is that the 'an quan gan'?

i miss him.. shit.....

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