Sunday, January 18, 2009

damn u......

i'm angry.... damn angry... what the hell are you to judge all the girls?? what the hell you blaming me for using the word love? i can use whatever word i like.. i dont care what you all think bout me.. i made it damn clear.. i dint play feeling with anyone.. what the hell you are discussing with me based on my past? please dont comment my action of past with the things that happen to you now.. is it always too late to say sorry to someone???? sorry maybe no cure, but at least is better than no action at all.. damn it to you... DAMNNNNNNNNNNN.. good.. so now as you said even things are cleared, 2 people different sex cannot be to close to each other.. good.. i put that in my mind and keep a distance with you.. thank god for you to letting me know about it..

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