Thursday, January 1, 2009


i'm losing myself.. sometimes i dont recognise myself anymore.. i'm losing my friends just to get closer to you all.. i'm tired.. i dont want to laugh just to make the environment more happy, i want to laugh out loud just for the sake of i want to laugh.. i dont need to be take care of like baby anymore.. i'm not little girl, in fact i'm actually more mature than alot people.. i never did anything bad to spoil the reputation of the family.. i didnt smoke, clubbing, gamble, drink or anything.. all i want is just let me go out and have a group of friends to hang out and chit chat.. is that so difficult to you?? why you all just like to control me so much? i cant just have my freedom? am i really such a bad girl in your eyes?

everything is too late.. they already left me.. i'm always alone.. and everyone thought that that's what i want..

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