Saturday, December 27, 2008

i'm sorry..

i'm sorry.. for all the things i had done and hurt u more with my honesty..

i promise, this is the last time i hurt you.. i promise i will treat you like treasure and always keep you on the top of my list...

because i see the inner beauty of you, the kindness, the forgiveness and the generous..

you know what..

I DO REALLY LOVE YOU.. it's too late to say this and i may regret with all the decision that i had made but.... i just wish you can live happily and without me bothering in your mind anymore.... i dont ask for more as i just hope that this friendship can be last forever.. i really appreciate the friendship between us and wanted to take care of it nicely.. hopefully nothing will break us apart anymore.. few years of gap had gotten alot of my tears and regrets.. may the future be brighter and charm-er.. haha..

after this, everything will be bury in my heart and mind and keep me peace..

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