Thursday, January 14, 2010

is time to calm down..

things happen, decision made, nothing else can be done in order to change the situation.. the only thing that i can do is to accept the reality and deal with it.. no matter i like it or not, the world will not follow my steps to stay at current situation.. perhaps, times continue tic talking, earth continue turning, sun continue burning, human being continue growing, nothing will stop to wait for me, is me who need to follow their footstep and run with it..

do not let the pinch break me down anymore..
do not let the truth demotivate me anymore..
do not let the future probable event haunt me anymore..

is time for me to calm down and do the right thing at the right time.. do not ever live in the wrong timing..

p/s: im so weak, i even wish to type a 'hopefully' in front of every sentence and not giving a firm statement.. such a loser.. this is such a emo blog, nothing is happy in it.. =(

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