Monday, May 25, 2009

so sick..

i'm sick.. very very sick.. physically and mentally..

i look like mashimaro now with running nose and upset stomach.. this is making me weak.. tears keep on rolling down for nothing.. few sleepless night add-on mommy's black bean, everything burst out.. suei suei tomorrow i have my last revision class of f7.. how to meet people with this look?

mentally exhaust.. exam soon.. it is normal to have the study stress, i still manage to handle after so many semester of experience.. but now is not only stress for study........

relationship problem also bothering me 'kau kau'.. thought of hundreds way to let myself walk closer to you but never turn it into action.. i'm such a coward, cant manage to handle the feeling of afraid being hurt.. what can i do only will let you feel the care and love?

i felt that i had not truly laugh from my heart for ages.. i miss the happy-go-lucky me.. give me some times or extra hours.. i need some real rest, after exam..

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