Sunday, April 5, 2009

you are such a shit..

arghh... damn irritating now.. how can i always wanted to treat you as one of my best friend?? you are so shit.. so what now? trying to be the 'batu api' to separate everyone? if there is any problem why cant you just come straight forward to me face to face rather than keep giving me lame excuse with no answer and done something without informing me? i always ignore whatever people told me bad story about you and treat you as sincere as i can but you chose to ignore me.. you know what, they are right.. you are a shit, liar, ego, playful with no any good characteristic and f*ck off.. good then, here born another hi bye from of mine.. damn you..

p/s :: yesterday i said out F*CK in front of alot people.. yoooo hooooo.. feeling guilty.. haha.. i can be stingy, ugly, naughty but not a dirty words out of mouth person.. the most yucky words has to be 'shit'.. hehe..

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