Monday, April 6, 2009

busy with work and class 1..

i had two busy weekend for the last 2 weeks and i also had a fun weekends too.. laugh nonstop..

28.03.09 Saturday

Orange class.. Lung drove and we decide to drive to KL as the parking for saturday is RM3.50 per entry, cheaper than take LRT.. due to lung overslept, lung wanna eat McD, we took the wrong road, and a bit of jam, we were late for 1 hour for class..

as we reached Orange, we bump into someone... guess is Orange boss.. he asked us some question then we answered and the conversation end with this ::

Orange : i tot sunway student cannot take from other college for all the paper paper?
Me : Shhhh... it's secret.. don tell anyone..

so, it's a secret between us.. haha..

the rest of the day story you can read it from nana's blog..

i had to say nana and me are really should be goodfriends.. we have unknown 默契, she can understand my jokes as lung and wy looked at me with a blur look.. hehe..

tat day i laugh non stop because lung.. how he kena discriminate, isolated by us and cc.. lol..

29.03.09 Sunday

the day before got a message from xuan.. a job offered and i took it..

and here we are in KLIA..

basically our job is like transporter.. take the board, wait for the guest to come out, tick their name in the list, confirmed everyone is here, send them to the vehicle.. easy job, 12 hours of work RM130.. worth it right.. the most suffered part is only that we have to wait for the guest to come out.. stand till i cant feel my leg and i describe it to xuan 'tiring as if i am delivering a baby'..

i get to know 2 kind leng chai from this job..

lung, wy, me and ck (the client staff)..

ck suppose to brief us and demonstrate then leave us in klia.. but he stayed until 8pm plus to help us.. how kind he is..

he is Dash.. a really kind transportation company boss.. we were suppose to work until 12am and estimated will have to wait for the guest till 1am.. and the kind Dash willingly to sacrifice himself by waiting alone and let us go back 1 hour earlier, 11pm.. so touching.. there are still so many kind people out there that willing to give you a hand when u needed the most.. we had been start waiting and standing since 12pm and really exhaust and delivered few babies d..

also a non stop laugh day because of lung.. we continued discriminate and isolate him.. and also intro his as cc to ck and tried hard to promote lung to ck.. too bad ck is straight..

lastly show you a photo of 2 pretty girls..

wy n me.. ^^

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