Sunday, March 15, 2009

long time no see..

i always very appreciate the friendship between me and a group of secondary school friends.. we used to called the group 'the abalon family'.. due to some misunderstand, argument and busy busy busy, slowly the group is falling apart and turning into smaller group or setting up another group of friends.. remember the oldens day in secondary school we always hang out together, 'ponteng' class and school together yet now we even hardly can meet each other..

finally the day of everyone will gather around again is coming soon.. this is because we all kena 'BOMB'..

one of our friend is getting marry and we are really excited about it.. after all is the first friend to get 'pom. pom.. pom... pom..', haha.. i'm going to be ji mui, yey and glad to say i had thought of few games to torture the groom and heng tai, cruel, dirty, disgusting, everything included.. cant wait for this coming saturday..

we had a dinner together today to had a small gathering before the wedding and i'm glad to see most of the people in the 'family' were there.. too bad for bee and lun absent cause one sick one work.. it is really surprise i got more than a year dint meet chi and sin, the last time i met them my hair is still the short one and now my hair is long and i had cut it few times.. either is my hair grow fast or times do flies...

so after the gathering and the going-to-be-lao-po dont want to balik so early, we when to one of the friend house play 'rami'.. and we miss the dogs too..

mong jut and spike..

rami time.. we gambled.. sad to say i had losed 75cents..
the bride-to-be won almost RM30.. very very 'ong', shall go find Uncle Lim har..

we end the day after 2am and it's one of the happiest day in my year of 2009.. ^^..

i miss abalon family.. they always give me happiness..

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