Sunday, March 15, 2009

haizzz... the real world..

why is this world has different kind of people? i always think positively and believe that in this world everyone is friendly, kind, helpful, lovely, everything is good.. but always, there is ugly side of the world that make me feel disgust and irritate..

the most irritates me is cruel parents.. it is hard to believe that there is parent that will send their child to hell just for their(parent) own good.. i know i can always read this kind of news from the newspaper and i will only feel sad for the real world.. but when it happens around me it really hit me hard and make me feel wanna vomit when i think of it.. i feel really depressed when i heard of it and useless cause i cant help them with anything.. do they have to really accept it as part of their life and live with it? when i look at their eyes is there any scream for help? it is too cruel and disgust for the children..

i am relief that my parent is the angel kind and really love us.. be glad that if your parent scold you more, treat you bad compare to other siblings as they are still sacrifice themselves just for you.. i really hope i can share the story that i heard with you all but i cant cause it kind of personal.. what i can say is it really dirty and unexpected..

this world is rather ugly for me now.. just wish that in future everything will be peace and green..


p/s :: as the iPhone is finally here is Malaysia, my brother lost his iPhone yesterday in Fitness First Menara Axis.. so lucky..
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