Thursday, February 12, 2009


yo!!!! lately seem like i quite free.. active in blogging ler.. hehe..

purpose i blog today is just to jot down this date in my lovely blog for future reference..


was watching BBT just now and received a call from JJ.. he asked for my chinese name ( i thought he wana help me 'suan ming' or 'da xiao ren') and i asked why... he said he getting marry and writing the guest list now.. SUPRISE (immediately jump up from bed).. later on he deny it la and said is one of our friend getting marry..

erm.. sometimes something that you are already expected that it will come but when it's really happen, still will be shock..

just hope that she will be happy, hubby sayang her and future kids will take care of her..

伶, 祝你幸福快乐。。

21th March 2009 will be the day.. yoooo hoooo.. i will be attending friend's wedding.. shiok-nya.. ^^

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