Monday, February 9, 2009

Happy Chap Goh May.. for Howe.

so sad... chinese new year has comes to the end.. T.T

i dont get enough ang pao yet.. T.T

i want all those RM2 ang pao.. not as lazy and realistic as lung.. T.T

gam gam 2 weeks din blog since my CNY resolution and finally CNY is ending soon.. remember last 2 years (2007) howe wrote a post about ang pao packet? after that year there is no more ang pao packet award from him as he had left malaysia, dump us and fly to UK alone.. so this post is specially dedicated to him so that he is up-to-date with the packet trend and as a apology gift for his birthday this year as i forgotten to wish him last 2 days.. sorry.. =p..

2007 - Howe Version
Chunhowe's Super-Chunted-Nokia6280-Photo-Gallery of Angbao Paper of CNY'07

2009 - Yen Version
Seowyen's Super-Yened-SonyEricssonW8100i-Photo-Gallery of Angbao Paper of CNY'08

The Most Common Ang Pao Award

Comment : From Public Bank.. actually not really common also, 4 out of 30+ ang pao..

The Most Niu/Moo/Ox-y Feel Ang Pao Award

Comment : From Hong Leong Bank.. The year of Ox.. but this is the one of the two that has ox for ang pao packet.. weird..

The Most Not Ang Ang Pao Award

Comment : Erm, i guess Bosch is not so tradition company or they are trying something new..

The Most Creative Ang Pao Award

Comment : From OCBC Bank.. Two different pot of plants and colours with the gold shining leaves.. creative and the quality of the packet is thick enough.. i love it..

The Most Commercial & Artistic Ang Pao Award

Comment : i like the drawing of the Esprit shop.. remind me of the brand of Esprit as i 'almost' forget about it as it's too expensive for me..

The Most Greenery Ang Pao Award

Comment : From F&N.. make me feel like eating mandarins.. ^^

The Yen-Love-It Ang Pao Award

Comment : From Standard Chartered Bank.. can you see the texture of the paper?? i love it cause it's simple and bling bling.. hehe..

The Most Cutey Ang Pao Award

Comment : Saw the cute litthe two dancing cows?? that the another Ox-y ang pao that i mention above.. so cuteee...

The Most Confusing Ang Pao Award

Comment : From RHB Bank.. is this year RHB come out with two different ang pao with different length and design? or is it one of it is outdated? (keep thinking what was last year RHB packet design)

The Most Handmade Ang Pao Award

Comment : From Sharp.. So sien, see this kind of ang pao..

The Most Colourful Ang Pao Award

Comment : From Toyota.. so colourful.. gives me a feeling of this world is full of colour.. Peace..

The Most Chinese Calligraphy with R&B Feel Ang Pao Award

Comment :From Hong Leong Bank.. the tail of the 'Yu' is so R&B..


so howe, u got chinese new year feel anot??

have to get back to study already.. PT tomorrow.. T.T..

after my PT and when i'm free, i will post bout CNY food.. specially dedicated for u too.. ^^

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