Saturday, November 15, 2008


my family got alot of cars.. the reason is daddy really like to change car.. really stupid right, 'invest' on car.. to make the condition worse, my dad like to buy secondhand car.. i guess is because of his business.. his business required him to maintain good relationship with the g***.. i guess everytime the g*** people want to change car, daddy will be the 'sui yu'.. is my guess only lar, daddy never tell me why his car turnover is so high.. haha..

everytime talk bout car mommy sure got alot of things want to complain because most of the cars in under mommy's name.. most of the time when daddy change car he wont change the ownership of the car to the new buyer but keep it under mommy.. so once in a while postman will ring the bell of my house, ask for a signature and you will know that's a summon for the car.. damn shit right, but daddy wont listen to mommy's complain.. again i guess is because of the g*** again..

so when we sell car, we wont change the ownership.. vice versa, if we buy car, sometimes we are not the legal owner of the car.. complicated right?? anyway, the purpose i write this post is.....


hahahaha.. i was wondering should i be happy or sad??

happy : petrol consumption of the car damn 'kau lat' and got some gearbox problem, mommy always ask daddy to sell it.. so finally it's gone..

sad : is under other people's name.. not sure whether he will pay us back the insurance $$ anot.. worrying..

whatever la... cant worry so much... hopefully everythings will be fine..

after so many crap, i haven mention what is the stolen car yet.. is a perdana.. it's gone.. yey... =(

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