Wednesday, November 12, 2008

i'm evil...

before this i was quite moody.. cause my mom offer me to jogoya with her friends... cawanmusiiii, tiramisuuuuuuu, coconuttttttt, ice creammm was waiting for me to get them into my stomach.. but toooo bad.. i already had my dinner... thinking not to waste the money with full stomach, so i SAY NO.. so sad, i really miss jogoya tiramisu.. T.T

anyway, just now my mom called me.. after the call my mood got 360º change.. from =( to =).. she said jogoya had already fully booked.... waaaahahahahahaha... ya i know i really bad.. but i dont care.. ^^.. i cannot eat it, no one can toooooooooooo...

-the evil yen-

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