Thursday, December 4, 2008

My 04/12/2008 Thursday Rain...

suppose to be studying now but end up being here because I NEEEEEED TO BURST out loud...

okay, START...

i have sleep problem lately.. actually is quite some time d.. suffer T.T... everyday i get to bed at about 4am but I CANT SLEEP... i just close my eyes then slowly my mind will think alot of things and chase away my sleep angel.. i tried really hard not to think so much so i started to count 'goaty'..

1 zi yang,
2 zi yang,
3 zi yang.......

as i'm counting, my mind will be double tasking..

1 zi yang,
2 zi yang (tomorrow want to wear what to exam ler?),
3 zi yang (MPH very cool ler.. have to wear damn thick one..),
4 zi yang.......

what the hellll... how to sleep like this??

after few hours, finally i fall asleep... at this moment, is dream angel turn to visit me.. wau, she's really boring.. she visit me everynight, brings me alot of story that frighten me... everyday i wake up with a feeling like : "exhausted.. more tired compare to last night.. give me energy.."

so i try to googled about my sleeping disorder and suspected that i get insomnia (trouble falling or staying asleep) and the most common cause of insomnia is STRESSSSS... hmmmm, i understand.. exam coming..

talk about exam.. had my F9 today.. yoooohoooo.. 100% fail.. i went into the exam hall with empty mind.. even the question exactly the same as what i had studied yesterday night yet my brain failed to come out with anything.. brain stop hand stop.. blank.. depresssssss... okay nevermind, over already.. dont think about it anymore, just wait to die when result come out.. YEY..

so after exam i got home.. mom dint cook for me as she thought i'm not having dinner at home tonight.. she's so wrong.. me, a super stingy person how can i eat outside?? so i have to cook my own dinner.. look inside the fridge and get all my ingredient, let's cook fried rice bihun..

ingredients :
* fish ball cube
* ikan bilis
* egg
* leftover tapau thick soy sauce chicken
* rice
* bihun

yes, i mix rice and bihun together.. is in the fridge, so sekaligus cook it la.. the process of cooking just flyover la.. afterall i cooked a yummy fried rice bihun..

dinner time.. eat while watching BBT.. damn it, lucky i dint put too much concentrate on BBT.. there's a coakroach in the rice........................... DAMN IT, F*UCK IT, CAO ** BAI...

=the end=

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