Thursday, April 7, 2011

teeth extraction..

give me back my teeth!!!

i find life is different when there is a hole between teeth.. what is the different?

  • cannot talk fast.. it will 漏风...
  • food easily move around when u eat.. (from the back of teeth to front, kinda irritating)
  • 24/7 taste blood..
  • unintentionally will suck the lips when i breath hardly..
  • cannot smile as there is a hole....
  • have to jaga-jaga when i brush teeth, scare it will bleed again..
what i hate the most is the eat part.. it's really disgusting as i can't lock the food in the mouth, it will go in and out from the hole or sometimes, stuck there.. =.="

can u see the hole?

it will remain till saturday then both side will b the same.. i dont know how am i gonna to survive with 2 holes by then..

3 weeks later, see me with the braces... =)

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