Monday, October 12, 2009

car insurance

AFA is back.. now he is handle with care by me, tears in eyes when i see it park outside my house.. finally i get back my freedom ^^..

here is something that i feel everyone must pay extra attention to.. is about car insurance.. it's not as straight forward or naive as we thought (bang then claim and done). there are lots of tricky condition that the evil insurance company had in order to minimize their loss.. im one of the victim which is also why now im so appreciate AFA..

my car insurance company is Pacific Insurance.. i not sure whether this applicable to every company or not but just a precautions lah..

i copy this completely from a Endorsements..

Endorsement 2(f) - Compulsory Excess

In the event of any claim arising under Section A of this policy, You are responsible in respect of each and every event for an excess of RM400.00 in addition to the Excess stated in the Schedule if Your Vehicle is being driven by the following persons authorised by You :-

(the english word not that bombastic but i found it hard to

(a) Any person under the Age of 21 years.
(b) Any person who is holder of Provisional (L) driving licence.
(c) Any person who is holder of a Full driving licence of less than 2 years.
(d) Any person not named in the Schedule.
(e) Any person named in the Schedule who is less than the age of 21 years old and/or holder of a provisional (L) driving licence and/or the holder of a full driving licence of less than 2 years.

For the purpose of this endorsement the expression 'event' shall mean an event or series arising out of one cause in connection with the motor vehicle.

all my dear friend, please pay more attention to (c) and (d), ok..

unfortunately i fall within (d), not named in it.. long story about it because i thought my name in it.. please check your car insurance policy whether your name is under the authorised driver or not, if not, please call your insurance company and add it in..

so depress when i talk about this insurance thing.. haiz..

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