Saturday, June 15, 2013


It's not that I'm counting the small money but i only have rm350 for my food n entertainments for a month yet now u slowly eating that up too... It's not that I want to count small money with u but why today?? Why must it be today that make me think that is over limit, ridiculous, unforgivable?? I'm just hoping for a simple life.. Not a luxury one.. I can survive with AFA.. I can carry a no brand bag.. I can work extra hours plus tuition.. I can exhaust myself till mentally n physically breakdown just to make your life easy.. I know u will do the same.. But I just don't understand how u do, what u do and what u trying to do.. When u crying to me n ask for freedom, actually I'm doing to same deep in my heart.. 

Do not tell me life is like that one ma cause if it is, I think life is bullshit.. I rather eat shit everyday.. 

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